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Tips and Tricks for PTC sites

If you are reading this then you already have taken a few steps in protecting yourself from possible scams or fraud Sites.
You should be careful and research these sites before you decided to join and invest. I am going to share some
tips and ticks these tips may be help full for you to investigating a scam site.

Google search

Some times when you are worried about some sites (Paying or scam) and you have no idea then try
 to search inGoogle may be some one already scam from that site and post on some forums or in
 some community . 

For Example

 BUX.TO is a SCAM site >> so write a key word in Google like BUX.TO scam or legit ? >>>
 then you must fine hundreds answer and peoples experience about that site

Look over the site

  I mean by that is, test the some links on the site. Are they working? If you click on a link that says
 "contact us” is it functional? Usually if a site has
more than one dead link, it can mean a sign of trouble.
So make sure the site is operational and alive.


 Forums are very impotent for owner and members here any can discus problems .
So make sure the sites have Forums and Admin and other team answered questions and present in forums.

Click rate

keep in mind legit and paying PTC sites not offering more then 0.01$ per click and not offering more
 then 4 to 20 ads to a free member .All sites offering click rate higher then 0.01$ are mostly scam sites

Cash out Time

 Always join sites which offers instant cash out or with in 24 to 72 hours.Some sites also best sites which
offers 7+ days for cash out.butt avoiding sites those offers 30+ days for cash out .
Most of sites offers more then 15 days for cash out are scam


Don’t invest or upgrade on any site until you have 20+ active direct referrals and make sure where you
 want to invest the age of that site is more then 1 year and paying with no problem.




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